The Curtis family custom home, Rockport Maine
The Curtis Family Custom Home - Rockport

Lance and Holly,

We've been in our new home now for a year and a half, and we're still in awe of how great it all turned out. We love it! Finding Lance Limoges and Limoges Builders was an incredible bit of luck and good fortune in our home building experience. We met with several builders before finding Lance and we knew immediately we'd found the person to build our home. Through the entire process Lance, and his professional, experienced team of craftsmen listened to our needs and plans, and then worked diligently to find ways to make those ideas become reality. As well, Lance used his years of experience to offer sage advice and alternatives to make our plans and our home even better. You often hear "horror" stories of people building a house. However, we could not have asked for a better experience! We will always appreciate the hard work, dedication, effort, flexibility, vision, craftsmanship, and care Lance and Limoges Builders put into making our house a beautiful home - thank you!

- The Curtis Family, September 2004

P.S.- Lance- Please feel free to edit this any way you would like to...We could add more detail if you need us to be more specific... like...great follow up...terrific service after the sale... we could go on and on. Thanks so much!  Fondly,  N&T&G

"Working with Lance was a pleasure from start to finish. The proof is that when the project was completed we continued a friendship that began at the house. He thought through every detail, asking questions and making suggestions every step of the way. It was a highly efficient and low stress process and the project was completed on time."

- Scott T. Horty, Hope

"Lance Limoges combines the best qualities of a builder and an artist. His flashes of insight in handling construction problems left me in awe. I am so enjoying the solid construction of my studio and its excellent lighting...All done with Lance's characteristic Yankee flair!"

- Lucy Cadou, Camden

"Whether the project is installing a patio door, or the building of a family's new home, Lance Limoges of Limoges Builders is an easy choice. His high standards of professionalism, attention to details, and a willingness to listen to clients have been demonstrated to us. We would be happy to refer anyone considering a new home project to Limoges Builders. We believe they would be satisfied."

- Larry and Sally Kinney, Camden

"It sure was great to find a builder who started and finished the project on time and within budget. We were so pleased to see our plan for a master bedroom realized, converting our crowded house into a comfortable family home. Thanks a million to Lance and the whole crew!"

- Frank Callanan, Camden

"I have used Lance for the gradual remodeling of my camp on its way to becoming a cottage over the past six years. He did the work in a timely manner and always offered suggestions and alternative ways to achieve the same result. He came up with innovative methods for solving problems inherent in an older house. His craftsmanship was meticulous and he is scrupulously honest. I will continue to employ him until my "pig's ear" is turned into a "silk purse."

- Margaret Buchholz, Hosmer Pond Road, Camden

"Last year I needed a contractor. I contacted Limoges Builders. The job involved remodeling an entire three bedroom house from the ground up and the inside out. Lance Limoges sat down with me and talked through the entire job; concepts, materials, time for completion, and costs. In less than a year, the entire job was complete and the house ready to move into. Lance and his crew always kept the job as their number one priority, working conscientiously and with great pride, no matter freezing cold, or blazing sun. Throughout the job, Lance maintained a constant, well-trained eye on the costs and work being done. In the end, the quality and craftsmanship reflected in the remodeled house far exceeded my initial hopes. Lance Limoges, and Limoges Builders, is one of the finest, most professional builders I have ever contracted. Based on my experience with Lance, I would recommend him highly to anyone."

- Harbour Mitchell, III, 144 Mountain Street, Camden


"We highly recommend Lance Limoges and Limoges Builders. The renovation of Miss Plum’s restaurant into Pen Bay Veterinary Hospital was Lance’s first commercial project and he finished on time and under budget! Lance impressed us with his honesty, confidence, versatility, ingenuity and overall command of the midcoast construction industry. There are two moments in particular that highlight Lance’s unmatched professionalism. The first occurred halfway into the project when we realized that the specialized lights for our surgical suite were too tall for the height of the ceiling. Lance solved the problem by increasing the height of the ceiling by 2 feet, without changing the roof-line. The second occurred only a month before we were expecting to open when Lance received the price estimate for prefabricated counter tops that according to him was exorbitantly high. Instead of breaking our budget or delaying our opening, Lance built beautiful, higher quality counters for half the price! The quality of Limoges Builders goes beyond Lance himself to include his entire crew and subcontractors. We truly believe that Lance, his crew and subcontractors made it possible for us to open our state-of-the art veterinary hospital on time. We couldn’t be happier!"

Dr. Bjorn Lee
Pen Bay Veterinary Associates
US Route 1, 599 Commercial Street
Rockport, ME. 04856
Phone: 207-594-8300
Fax: 207-594-8309

  The Limoges posse is the real deal!

- Kevin Frederick Strong, MD founder


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